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e-infotainment 2007

Today, I buy my new notebook - Acer : ASPIRE 4710Z in thailand only 25,500 baht. I would like its low price but it has full options for me. I have a chance to use Windows dark and get Acer e-infotainment 2007. I get more than 11 Utility sofwares just as 5 laugauges dictionary, e-notepage, note it or Crop it. I get information and Edutainment. Of course I get parade new fun games from it.There are many new fun games in Acer e-infotainment 2007. I see that its game just as Voodoo, Mystical Gypsy, Tree pet, Monster Eggs, Ocean Commander, Caveman Rock, Saint&Sinner, Mambo Adventer, Finkle Adventure, Crabby Adventure, Stream Express, Squirrel Adventure, Laser Edge, Bonga Bonga1, Bonga Bonga2, Bonga Bonga3, Bonga Bonga4, CEO City, Moontra Kid, Bonga Bonga Travel, Moontra Kid: The Ghost City, Moontra Kid: The Ghost City Racer, Tale of the Ocean, Iron Chef, Hoppie.About Utillity of Acer e-infotainment 2007 there are my favorite just as Bonga Dictionary, World Converter, Calendar, Cash Manager, Calorie Control, World Clock, Note it, Photo Album, Crop it, Yoga Training, Weather Forecast. Its Utillity are benefit for me.Most of my favorite of Acer e-infotainment 2007 are Football Tips , Health Tips, Watches, Cigar, Piano and Guitar, Xiam Xi, Weekly Horoscope, BongaBonga Electric, BongaBonga Traveler, BongaBonga Home, BongaBonga Zoo.Finally we can get the parades of entertainments and update news from Sure we can get free download many applications here.I like my new notebook- Acer:ASPIRE



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