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เซนต์นิโกลาส_Saint Nicholas School Thailand

Saint Nicholas School in Thailand - โรงเรียนเซนต์นิโกลาส is only one school of Catholic Schools in Thailand. This school is only one famous Catholic School in Pitsanulok too. If you want to know more, see this school at in Thai version. Saint Nicholas School is in St. Nicholas Church Pitsanulok,Thailand. If you come to visit Pitsanulok and you can to join Sunday Mass at this only one Catholic Church in Pitsanulok. When you are at Pitsanulok's Train Station, you will see this school and ask every people where they are. Sure, this schooo's name is from St.Nicholas - Santaclaus in our Christmas. Specially, this School has English Programme since its establishment in 2003. The English Program at St. Nicholas School utilizing a variety of techniques and the best of modern technologies available, has made great strides in imparting a holistic and value-oriented education to young people of Pitsalulok community. At Saint Nicholas School Pitsanulok Thailand, we also strive to prepare our students to meet the challenges of a highly competitive world and to improve their quality of life. Now St.Nicholas School Pitsanulok Thailand, There are 2,693 students. If you want to contact this school, please visit or tel: 055-302618 , Fax: 055-302618. E-mail: Nicholas School 228 Wisutkasat Road, Tambol Naimaung, Ampur Manaung, Pitsanulok Thailand. 65000โรงเรียนเซนต์นิโกลาส228 ถ.วิสุทธิ์กษัตริย์ ต.ในเมือง อ.เมือง จ.พิษณุโลก ประเทศไทย 65000If you want to promote your website, please contact us at only $10/month. When you send your banner and pay at my account. We will show your story or website's banner in 24 hours.



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